Unexpected Savings

I forgot to mention my FAVORITE way to save $ at the grocery store last week but then you might not have believed me then either.  So here it is!

Online Shopping and Delivery:

Who would think that by adding convenience and paying for it you'd actually save money too?  But you do when you have you groceries "shopped" for you and even delivered.  How, do you ask?  Well, by NOT BUYING all those little extras that you would buy if you were AT the perusing the aisles while you shop for what you really need.

Did you know that a study was done on our grocery shopping habits and they found that the average trip to the store for just milk, eggs, and bread, which should cost you $5-12 costs $30, that's THIRTY DOLLARS, simply because we always pick up extra stuff we don't need but it looks good, it's on sale and why not?  None of us need those extra things and that extra cushion around our middles and on our backsides that come from them.

I have been having my groceries delivered or at least done drive through pick up at the store since my son was born almost four years ago, at first I didn't use coupons or any of my other tips from last week on top of my groceries being delivered but I saved almost half of my bill from before and still got plenty of snacks and "extras".  Now that I've added more ways of saving money, I've been able to lower my grocery budget and actually buy more food than I had before.  I have a pantry that is always full with a small stockpile of the things I use the most, I never had extra left over before, and I don't have to constantly ask myself what I'm going to fix for dinner or stuff my kids with candy and treats to get them through a trip to the store.


Kristin said...

Wow! I don't think we have delivery (or pick up) here. How do you find out? Sounds really nice. Btw, I got the book for the book club in on Saturday. It's big! Are you going to choose certain stories, or just start from the beginning? Looking forward to it!

PVDela said...

Look up your local stores online sites, most stores don't advertise that they offer this service so you have to do the digging yourself. Harris Teeter Offers Drive-Thru Pickup at select locations and lets you use our coupons, Farm Fresh and Albertsons offer in store pickup and delivery for certain areas.

Show Me Mama said...

I am your follower. http://showmemama.blogspot.com