We Love Pasta!

The kids and I love pasta, it's fast to cook up, it's easy for the kids to eat with a fork or their hands and if the sauce is thick, it doesn't make a big mess.  This dish here is just my lazy version of Beef Stroganoff, I use Cream of Mushroom soup with some sour cream and milk for the sauce, beef pot roast from a previous meal and green beans, I know it seems weird, maybe even gross, but I just love green beans in my stroganoff, if you don't then just put them on the side.  I put in plenty of onion and a little garlic, fresh or powdered, and there you have it, "Lazy Mans Beef Stroganoff".  I'm pretty sure the whole thing cost me about $3.50 if you don't count the left over roast and about $5-6 if you do.  It fed my kids and me twice which makes it servings for 4-6, so that's only $0.21-1.50 per serving.

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