How to Play With Dynamic Color Combinations

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I have a basic rule of thumb that I follow whenever I'm putting together an outfit so that it's colorful but foolproof.
  • 1 True Neutral
  • 1 Practically Neutral
  • 1 Color that Pops
  • at least one of them has to be a warm and one a cool color
So like in my yellow and aqua polyvore post the neutral was gray, the almost neutral was aqua and the pop was yellow, in my blue and red outfit, the neutral was gray, the almost was blue and the pop was a red orange color sometimes called chinese red.

I have always worn a lot of cool colors and so my pop of color tends to be a warm, esp. since they "pop" so easily in any color palette but by toning down the worm colors you can have a bright turquoise, green, or any other really bright, saturated cool color be what pops.

Like here:
Which Yellow Do You Love?

Which Yellow Do You Love? by pvdela featuring tear drop earrings

This also shows how instead of putting together complementary colors going with a color that is just to one or the other side of it can be much more interesting, purple is complementary to yellow but pairing it with a red violet can really pop, as does indigo.  I also like pairing colors with another one that's 3 over on a 12 color color wheel, like the teal and turquoise, the same idea would be pairing  red and indigo like I have here:

red and indigo

You can see that I either go with a soft periwinkle and bold red or an almost nude pink with a deep indigo.  You could put most neutrals with any of these.

So what colors do you love but don't know how to make it really sing?  Or what color combinations are your favorites right now?

Orange and Blue Green

Orange and Blue Green

Here's a great way of pairing orange with turquoise, but it looks great with indigo and periwinkle as well, this is just my favorite right now, I also tend to pick oranges with a touch of red to them.

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Featuring Owlhaven!

Mary Ostyn at Owlhaven is a wonderful woman that I aspire to be more like, she blogs about family, saving money, homeshooling, cooking, adoption, etc. all while raising 10 kids, 2 are out of the home and married now but we all know how much more we talk to our moms after we get married.

I could tell you about some of her wonderful posts, like the one on babies and sleep or her recipes, or the how she is preparing her teen boys to be ready for life on their own but it's too hard for me to pick one because then I feel like I'm leaving out others  that are just as wonderful.  Check her out, I promise that you won't be disappointed.

The Tooth Fairy Cometh

So the other day I saw this really cute post on 10 tooth fairy traditions and I thought, "too bad that I'm still a year or so away from that, these are so cute and fun."  Well, later that afternoon my DS showed me his loose tooth, so I thought I'd share that post along with a few other cute ideas I found.

The picture on top is for tooth fairy pouches by Ashley at Make It and Love It

Another Tooth Fairy Pouch from Shannon at Sew, Mama, Sew

And a Tooth Fairy Certificate by Jennifer at Tip Junkie

A Brush up on Grammar

photo by Richella at Imparting Grace

My grammar is pretty decent but it's amazing all the things you forget from school over the years and all the things you didn't really learn well in the first place so I thought I'd share Richella's Grammar Lessons from her blog Imparting Grace, they are 28 of some of the most commonly made mistakes and if you are looking for more the books under the hat are great and a couple are even quite funny.

Featuring Sew Mama Sew!

is a fabulous blog/ shop/ forum run by 5 fabulous ladies and their tutorials have seriously increased my sewing capabilities, from batting to zippers these gals have a tutorial for any of you beginning seamstresses that want a more finished, professional look to your projects.

Check them out HERE.

Awesome Ric Rac Tutorials

Ucreate has a great list of tutorials from clothing to gifts and more using Ric Rac so I just had to share it.  What's your favorite way to use ric rac?

Featuring Huppie Mama

I've decided that Fridays are going to be my "Feature Fridays" now instead of fashion because I follow over 200 blogs for one reason or another and I wanted you guys to see just how great some of these blogs really are.

Huppie Mama

I met Carrie about two years through my Etsy shop and I've loved following her blog ever since, she really focuses on her journey as a "huppie" mom, trying to keep things natural while enjoying the conveniences of modern life as well, basically a mom after my own heart.  Here is her definition of a Huppie Mama:  As a new mom, I've begun to explore a variety of eco-friendly, traditional baby products. Sometimes my sister calls me a 'hippie' because of the earth-friendly, back-to-basics nature of these products, and sometimes she calls me a 'yuppie' because of the level of research I do and the extra few dollars I'm willing to spend to buy something special for my family. So what does that make me? A well-educated, earth-friendly mama - a huppie!  -from March 2010 "Huppie Mamma"

I loved her post on "I Know if You Breastfed" because that's pretty much how most of us breastfeeding moms feel, like when my SIL gave my other SIL and me a hard time about the fact that our 11 month olds were still "so dependent" on us and how she could never have done it, she used to give the excuse that her babies were allergic to her milk but we all knew that she really just had no desire to breastfeed, and that's okay.

Her sister site "Busy Lil Hands" also has great posts on teaching our toddlers.