Pictures by My Son

I love to see the world through my children's eye's and letting my son take pictures is always an adventure for both of us, the things he wants to take pictures of are always so important to him and mostly really funny to me, like the picture below.

Nice shot of my butt, don't you think?  Yeah, not one of my favorites but I love that he always wants to take pictures of us and that we're wonderful to him at any angle.  When I saw the picture though I talked to him about getting close ups so that you can really see what the subject is, not in those exact words, this was the result.

I could have edited his pictures or at least cropped myself out but I want you to see EXACTLY what he did and I couldn't not post my daughters darling expression, she just adores her big brother.

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Kel said...

too cute, my kids love to take pics too, but most of theirs are just a blurry mess--lots of TV screen shots. They are getting better at it--its' a great idea should go thru some of them and see if I have any that are fit to post about. They like to play Mario on the Wii, and like to watch instuctional video's for it on YouTube -- so much so that the other day they made their own, DH actually posted it for them for friends to see.