Bath Towel Coverups from Crafterhours

I found this through UCreate another favorite blog of mine and these are SOOOOOO cute that I'm just going to have to make some while I'm out here on vacation.

check it out HERE

Extended Vacation!!!!!!

Oh, the perks of being a SAHM!!  I'm off on a long vacation with my kiddos, DH will be meeting up with us about halfway through, I'm visiting all my family out west until the 20th of July.  I'm going to really try to get a few posts in while I'm out here but I'm not delusional so I'm not making any promises.

Needing a Little Love Today

I've been feeling pretty awful for just over a week now, I'm sure it's because of my hormones since I miscarried last month and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant again but I don't dare takt the test only to miscarry again since this would be my 6th, I just can't seem to keep it together today.  I'm already crying and I HATE crying, there no logical reason for it, everything is going well in my life except that I feel like crap and my house is falling apart because of it.  I'm usually messy anyway but I haven't had a single clean dish in days and I haven't eaten well in more because everything seems gross.  Luckily my kids are wonderful and they seem to just take what they can get and give me lots of love no matter what is going on.

My poor family has had to deal with my short fuse for a while now and if I am pregnant it will only continue until I get past the worst part of the MS.  I know it will get better, but it feels pretty overwhelming right now.

Thanks for listening to my pity party and whine.

I Can't Wait For Game Night!!!!

I'm SO excited for my Game Night party, I just got the package today and I've decided to turn it into three nights since, I'll be travelling to see both my family and my in-laws for the next 6 weeks starting on Monday.  I had to open the package as soon as I got it and I'm so excited about the new "Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It", it's still got the great stuff from the classic game but know you can also bet on whether of not you think the person will know the answer and can even buy a wedge with your chips if you want, which is good for me because there is always one wedge that I just can't seem to get.

I also got the Electronic Catch Phrase and Taboo games, along with plenty of great snacks to get the party started, I plan on having some fun prizes for the winners too, who doesn't love prizes.  YEAH!!!

I can't wait to do more of these kinds of parties from House Party, they have so many great ones, like the Bulls Eye BBQ, Febreze Set and Refresh, Kraft Foods First Taste, etc. (I think DH will really go for the PS3 Party.)

Freckles and Reflections

I love, love, LOVE that my DS has inherited my "sun freckles", that is, they only show up when we've been out in the sun a bit.  They are very light but they are so sweet to me.  DS is such a sweet clever little guy, he has an amazing ability to figure out a way to get what he wants, either by moving things to climb up, creating a tool that will do the job or "negotiating" with Daddy and me to get it for him.  Although it doesn't always turn out the way he want's it to, I really love his ingenuity, persistance and imagination.

Here's my sweet Little DD with her serious thinking face on, her personality fascinates me, she can be SO serious and so silly, she's the one most likely to run around with underwear on her head to make us laugh and yet she has these quiet moments when she just sits thinking for a minute.  She also ADORES her brother, she's the early riser and when he finally get up in the morning she runs up to him yelling his name and gives him a big hug.  (*sigh* heart melting) 

I feel like my life didn't really, fully begin until these precious babies came into my life, I had no idea how full my life and heart could be until they came in and burst it wide open.

Free Stop & Go Printable Game

Here is today's free download.
(The link no longer works but if you send me a request I'd be happy to send the file your way.)

Free I SPY Game Page


I have been making things to keep my kids busy during the ALL DAY plane trip in a week and you can benefit.

My kids and I love I Spy, the books, the computer games, everything.  This page is ideal for my 19 month old DD who would really struggle with overlapped or too small images.  Just click on the picture to take you to download the file.  I'll be posting other free activities throughout the rest of the week.

(The link doesn't work any more but if you leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the file and then delete your email so no one can send you spam.)