Fashion Friday -Make your own Accessories-

Disney made this DARLING hat from a cardigan for her daughter but it could just as easily be made for you.

and another from Disney

That's Not Playdough

Part of me wishes I'd taken a picture of this before cleaning her up but I walked into a cute little scene of my daughter making snakes with playdough only to realize that it wasn't playdough that she was using but her own poop.  YUCK!!!!!!!!  Big brother even piped in and said "Look Mommy, it has seeds in it."

Menu Monday - Sprucing Up Old Standbys

My kids and I love many of the simplest meals but they can seem a bit boring sometimes and so there are lots of little things I do to give them a simple twist with only a few new things thrown in.  Here are a few ideas of things I've done, what are some of your favorite ways to easily turn a boring basic into something a little more exciting?

Car/ Quiet Book

I decided that this long road trip for our move back west needed an activity book and as usual I couldn't just do it the easy way, I had to make one myself and now after all my hard work I've decided to share it with you, I'll give one personalized book away.

Friday Fashion -Refashion-

I haven't posted anything in a while but I thought I'd post some of my favorite "refashions" I've found recently.  One of my favorite things about fashion is that you can always take something old and make it new again or something from blah to beautiful by just thinking outside the box and giving it a good solid Juj. (how do you spell that?)

So here are a few to inspire you to go into your closets, and everyone else's, and rev up those old pieces that you meant to get rid of but never did.