Green Eggs

My son LOVES eggs and the color green so I used this opportunity to make him "Green Eggs".  I've made them for him lots of different ways, a spinach quiche, fritatta with green peppers, omelet with pesto, etc.  Today I made them literally green by blending frozen spinach into the eggs and using them to make scrambled eggs, this is actually the second time I've made them and they were such a hit the first time that there wasn't anything left for pictures so I made Dylan take pictures before he could start eating them.

I just put the spinach, eggs and cheese into the blender with a little milk and blended until smooth, then I added some garlic and onion powders with a little salt and pepper.  once it started cooking I added a little more cheese.  I used Feta because I love feta with spinach but use what you like.  The ratio was almost 1/1 eggs and spinach but again do it how you like, it does have extra moisture so you have to cook off the extra moisture once the eggs are cooked but I just put my burner on high, kept stirring and it was all done in a couple of minutes.

One serving has:
2 eggs-   180 calories   $.22
1/4 ounce cheese-   20 calories   $.13
1/2 cup spinach-   15 calories   $.80
splash of milk-   @ 15 calories   $. ?
herbs and spices-   0 calories   $. ?

230 Calories   $1.15  per serving


Kristin said...

What a fun (and sneaky healthy!) idea! I would've loved this as a kid! Hope your weekend was a good one...

Rachel said...

They are SO green! Before I read your recipe I thought that it looked like spinach...and lo and behold...there's spinach in them.

Fabulous fun!

Kelly said...

Ok my favourite Dr Suess book!!! Gotta try this one...