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It's that time of the week again, I just love Kristin's questions and all the great posts by everyone who participates that I'm just going to have to do this again.

1. How do you most like to entertain during the summer (pool party, picnic, cookout, etc.)? - Or if your situation doesn't allow for entertaining right now, what do you look forward to being able to host? 
2. Do you have a favorite summertime dessert?
I really love to have people over, whether it's just to hang out or for a big ol' Shin Dig, I'm all for it.  My favorite thing to do during the summer is a cookout, my DH runs the grill and makes his amazing salsa and I get to make my absolutely favorite dessert, sliced baguettes with Nutella fresh raspberries and whipped cream. It's light, fresh, easy and oh so yummy; after all the heavy bbq and sides it's also the perfect finish.

3.What is your best outdoor summer date idea?
Any date with my DH is wonderful but I really love to go down to the beach with him and just talk.

4. Share any outdoor decorating tips/ideas you have... 
I'm afraid I'm not the "perfect" hostess because when it comes to decorating, I don't.  I find it fun to think up and get the decorations but when it comes to adding that to everything else for the party then I just get stressed, esp. because then I'm trying to keep them away from my kiddos, so I just skip them for stress free fun, maybe I'll get better at that though.

5. What will we find you wearing most in the summertime?
One of my jersey dresses, I'm in love with dresses right now and jersey dresses are perfect for summer, I just got the Old Navy ones that I featured in a Fashion Friday Finds post and I have been wearing them a lot, for $10.99 who cares if they only last me til the end of summer?  I also got the purse and a super cute zebra print belt that was on clearance at Target for only $5.  I love it when I find great things at super great prices.

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Kristin said...

Yay! Thanks for joining the party Andrea! So you're a summer dress girl too, huh? I know, they are the best! Love your idea for a summer dessert. Sounds perfect - especially since Nutella is involved ;-) Have a great Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post, thank you.