Tear-free childs salon cut

How to make your child’s first or next trip to the salon/barber free of tears:

  1. Prepare your child ahead of time by talking about the experience. Tell them what will happen and what your expectations of them are. If it’s their first haircut take them with you a few times beforehand when you get your haircut so that they can see it, and have the Stylist show them what they will be doing first. (Please use clippers for your boys; nothing is scarier than getting cut during your first haircut.) Plan ahead, either schedule an appointment or plan to have something with you to occupy your child while you wait so that they start off the cut in a good, calm mood.
  2. Go with your child to the stylist’s chair and talk with the stylist face to face. If you don’t want your son or daughter to come back with a Mohawk but you know they might be thinking about getting one then don’t be surprised if that’s what happens if you didn’t talk to the stylist yourself.
  3. Compromise, compromise, compromise!!!!! It’s just hair, it will grow back and keep growing, there is very little that can be done to hair that is truly permanent and if you force your kids to get a hairstyle they hate they will either find a way to get what they want or rebel in bigger, worse ways, you just may not know about it.
  4. Utilize your Stylist, they didn’t spend as much as $16000 dollars and 2000 hours of schooling to just learn how to do a basic cut and trim, they're usually up to date on the fashion trends and can help you with most hair dilemmas whether it’s how to treat problem hair or how to keep both you and your kid happy when the hairstyles you want are diametrically opposed.
  5. Don't ever threaten them with something you won't actually do, I can't tell you how many time I've heard a parent tell their kid that they'll take them home and shave their heads if they keep acting up, and not one of them have ever even left the salon without the haircut and a lot of tears for the kid and frustration for everyone else there. No one like being around when that's going on.