Look What My Son Cooked Up!

White Beans, Rice and Spinach

Okay, so I helped a little, I mean we are talking about cooking on the stove here but he picked out all the ingredients and helped stir.

It's a really simple but yummy and filling dish, canned white beans well rinsed, instant brown rice, spinach and plenty of herbs and spices.  Put in whatever herbs and spices you like, I put in onions, poultry herb mix, garlic, pepper and a little chili powder.  It only took as long as it took to cook the rice, about ten minutes, I added the beans with the rice and added the spinach and herbs about half way through.

My DS was so proud of his dish that I had to take a picture of him with it but he ate it so fast not much was left when I took it.

Each Serving has:
1 Cup Beans-    53 Calories    $. 50
1 Cup Rice-    218 Calories    $.76
1/2 Cup Spinach-    15 Calories    $. 40

286 Calories    $1.66

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