Falling Off Shoulders of Giants

I don't want this post to come off as a long lecture so I'll keep it really short.

It seems to me that we are becoming a society that is more and more enthralled with who and what is popular or sensational at the moment and less and less concerned with what has come before us and what we can do for those who come after us.

I just want to pose this question.

How can we stand on the shoulders of giants if we aren't even aware they existed in the first place.


What with moving and a new baby due any day now I haven't been blogging, or even reading all your wonderful blogs, for a while but now that I can use my DH's laptop hopefully I will find time to blog at least once a week.  I'd love it if any of you would like to guest post as well, esp. since it'll take all my energy just to take basic care of my three kids for the first couple of weeks after the baby gets here.

I'm working on a new post now, let's se how long it takes me to post it.