Saving $ On Your Proteins

I consider protein to be an essential part of every diet, esp. for kids, but I don't like spending a ton of money on it, and I don't like buying something I I feel was raised in an inhumane and unclean environment.  So, I opt for the less expensive proteins for most of my meals, soy, beans, nuts and eggs.  Because I get most of my proteins from them I can afford to spend the extra money on cage free eggs and free range, grain and grass fed meats.  It also helps that I know I only need 7-8oz. of protein a day so, I'm not loading up on them instead of my fruits and veggies which I need 5 cups of a day.

I'm not a vegetarian, clearly, but that is one way I can save money and eat healthy at the same time.

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laura said...

I feel like I am shifting in your direction. After watching Food, Inc., a documentary on our nation's food industry, I am trying to make more careful choices on the meat I purchase.