Potty Power!!!

I don't know how many other moms have felt like something must be wrong that their kid isn't potty trained when all their friends have been for 6 months or more but I was certainly feeling that way with my ds.  I'd been trying to get him interested in going in the potty for almost two years, I never pushed hard because I know that my son is the type that will rebel big time if you try to force something on him that he doesn't want or isn't ready for.  

I had tried every incentive I could think of and every time I would ask him if he wanted to wear big kid underwear he would reply "No, thank you."  It was so frustrating and I was really starting to think that maybe I was a bad mom until almost two weeks ago my son came up to me one morning, a few days after letting him pick out a "potty toy", and said "I want to go pee in the potty and wear underwear."  I was beside myself with shock but I hurried and got him on his potty chair and got him some underwear that he could put on when he was done.  Well, he sat and sat and nothing happened so he got up for a bit and then tried again and again nothing and then just a couple af minutes after I had helped him get his underwear back on he had an accident.  He got upset but I told him that it was okay and that it was a normal part of learning to go in the potty instead of diapers and we also talked about the signals that his body gives him when it's time to go and I asked him if had noticed a tingling feeling just before the pee came out.  

The only other thing I did was get the "Potty Power" DVD and he and my 18 month old dd both love it and they sing the songs to it all the time, in fact I let a friend borrow it and they both asked for it and were sad that they couldn't watch it right then.  In fact they are watching it again right now.

Well that was it, he is now potty trained, he hasn't had a single accident since and although he does ask to wear diapers every once in a while I just ask him if he want's to be a big kid and remind him that his toy has to be taken away if he has an accident or needs a diaper and he doesn't get it back until he goes in the potty again and then he decides to use the potty.  He has even gotten up in the middle of the night to go potty and has only had one wet diaper at night since he started.

I'm so proud of my big little guy, and I'm so glad that I waited and didn't push it, it really couldn't have been easier.

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Jewel said...

Well done. It took about 7 months getting my son potty trained for wees, so it just goes to show that some kids do take longer than others.