I'm Having SO Much Fun!

Making more jewelry that is, I've made lots of necklaces for my DD, here's the one I made today.

I've made one for my MIL

 and one that's still in process for my mom.  

I've put up a few for sale at my etsy shop and one more thing, I got more supplies so that you can make that gorgeous necklace I made a couple weeks ago.  Go check it out, I have looked and looked on line and it retails for over $100 for one with only a few of carnelian nuggets, no coral or citrine, and I'm selling the kit for only $30.


laura said...

Andrea-these are lovely! I love the rainbow cube necklace Lilly is wearing!

Kristin said...

BeeYEWtiful! (that's how I spell it when I REALLY like something ;-)) Love the one you made for your daughter - reminds me of pieces of candy! Oh, and the purple - what gorgeous shades. You've inspired me to make a little time to work on some jewelry of my own tonight...I have some pretty pink pearl beads I've been needing to make into some earrings...