How Food Becomes Abuse

We all want what's best for our children, even when we don't want what's best for ourselves, and yet so many of us are feeding our kids what is cheap and easy and thus killing our kids.  Not that it's all our fault, not by a long shot just look at all the things the food industry has done to our food to fool us into thinking that the garbage they are selling is delicious and good for you.  I was eating one of those "lean" frozen sandwich pockets, the chicken artichoke and spinach one, and while I was reading everything it was saying about the importance of eating lots of different protein, I also checked out the ingredients, the chicken was made from "Modified Food Starch" and chicken flavoring, WHAT?!?!?!!?!  Here I thought I was getting meat but NOOOO, it's really starch manipulated until it has the consistency of meat and then flavored so I'd be fooled into thinking I was eating the real thing.
Not only that but I have started to notice odd things in my food like titanium dioxide, which is used for sunscreen, is in some of my soups and ice creams and shakes so that it looks "Extra Creamy", YUCK!!!!!!!  They spray our meat, mostly beef and fillers with ammonia but they don't have to list it as an ingredient because it's not an "intended" ingredient.  How does that work, do they just "accidentally" spray the meat with ammonia EVERY time and then just say oops, I mean if they know they are putting it on the meat, even if it is to clean it, wouldn't that make it an ingredient?
I was okay for a long time with all the weird ingredients that I couldn't pronounce for a long time, I figured that they were just there in tiny amounts and only as preservatives so I didn't worry too much about what they were but now I'm just disgusted and grossed out by all the crap they do to our food and pissed off that they have gotten away with it for so long.  Not only do they put weird things in there but they design it to be addictive and make us crave more than is healthy, no wonder our kids are the fattest generation and are getting ADULT DIABETES, sorry "type 2" which used to be only adults.  And now our nation is dropping off like flies from our massive consumption of all this crap they've convinced us is food.
By the way, why isn't anyone talking about the fact that Type 2 Diabetes is a disease you CHOOSE through what you eat and how you live but that's a soapbox I'll have to leave for another post.

I'm sorry about the soap box, I promise not to post things like this very often.

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