I Made- two new necklaces

I've been wanting to make both of these necklaces for quite a while now but only recently got the last supplies I needed to make them, thanks to all my sales on Etsy.  

The first necklace is a four strand necklace of pearls with a simple little silver clasp, I LOVE the colors!!

The second necklace is a silver figaro chain with carnelian nuggets, little red coral flowers and tiny citrine gems.  It goes well with a lot of my outfits but I like it against a feminine white shirt the best.

So tell me what you think, I'm considering selling the first necklace and kits for the second necklace in my shop.  Yay, nay?


cellosara said...

Very nice. I want to make jewelry too, but my time is spent on other crafts. like trying to finish easter dresses at literally the last minute. I really like the pearls. You can never go wrong with pearls.

Huppie Mama said...

The bottom necklace is more my style - simple with earthy tones. Very nice!

laura said...