Milli Halloween Costume Done!!!!!!

Sorry for the terrible pic

I did it!  I finished the Milli Umizoomi costume in record time.  The hard part was the cap,
I couldn't find a pattern that I wouldn't have to modify quite a bit to make it look the way I envisioned so my very sweet and VERY patient DD held still while I used her head to make my pattern pieces.  I would have taken pictures but I didn't have an extra set of hands to take them while I did it.

For the dress I used the pattern in the previous post but I used the size 3 for the top of the dress and size 6 for the bottom so that it had a stronger A-line and went past her knees for a more cartoon like look.

Of course now that I'm done there are things I wish I done a little differently like make the cap a bit bigger and rounder but after seeing so many that looked ridiculous to me I shied away from it a bit more than I needed to.  The fabric from Spoonflower came out more of a rose than a hot pink and the flower pattern didn't come out as perfectly as I was hoping but all in all I think it turned out great and since I have plenty of other things to do before #4 comes along next month, I'm calling it good.

You can find the Milli Team Umizoomi print I made HERE at Spoonflower


heidythompsons said...

It's good to know that mother, herself, does the work in creating costume for her daughter. And based on the picture, I could say that it was well-made. The pink color looks good to her as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome, what was off about the print?