Cheap Foaming Handwash Refill

So I love those foaming handsoaps but I hate, Hate, HATE the price tag so I decided to refill them myself on the cheap and it turns out to be ridiculously easy.  Here is what you need:

One Empty Foaming Dispenser
Liquid Soap, any kind will do

That's really it and since the Suave was one sale for a buck and in a scent that not only do I like but my husband won't mind it either, I used it.  You can also use Castile Soap, shampoo, melaleuca hand soap or whatever.

Now to fill it up:

Really, that little, I swear that the companies that sell these things must think we are big suckers to charge more for something that is 99% water.  If you use liquid castile soap you only need about 2 TBSP and shampoo lathers a lot so you can use less as well, just pour some in and if it's thicker foam than you want you can always use less soap the next time and if it's too weak then a tiny bit more soap.  

Now fill it up with water, I was impatient the first time and just filled it up until most of the bubbles had poured out of the top but if you fill it up slower then you don't get too many bubbles and there's no mess.

(The foamer in the pictures was filled with dishsoap, hence the color difference from the shampoo.)


Kimberly said...

Thank you for this because my pump is currently empty and I've been trying to think of an inexpensive alternative for my very "generous" guests!

Great post!



dwilliams said...

You can get really good hand soap from melaleuca. It smells great and makes your hands soft, clean and moistened. I wonder how well it would work with a foaming dispenser. I will have to try using the melaleuca hand soap with one of those.