Halloween Costume Project

Can you guess what my 4 yr old daughter is going to be for halloween this year?  Guesses on Facebook were:  Little Bo Peep, Little Miss Muffet, Dora, Hello Kitty and Stephanie from Lazy Town.

I thought the fabric was a dead giveaway, esp. since I had to design it myself and order it from Spoonflower, there just wasn't any print that was anywhere close.  (It didn't turn out nearly as bright as I thought it would though.)

Give Up?


Milli from Team Umizoomi

I've already got the dress almost finished and the top, so now I just need to make the cap and shoes and get the tights to finish it all off.  I'll post the finished project in a couple of weeks.


lenorab said...

Okay please tell me how to make the hat thing! My granddaughter just has to be Milli and I have no idea where to begin with the hat.
Many many thanks,

Andrea Graf said...

I'd be happy too, or even make the costume for you, I just need your email.

Tonya Carlson said...

My daughter is also a HUGe Team Umizoomi fan. I went to the spoonflower website but am having a hard time finding a good enough picture to do the pattern.... Is there anyway you can tell me where you found ur picture to upload? Thanks so much!

Andrea Graf said...

I didn't use a picture I found, I made the jpeg file myself.

Here's a link to the fabric pattern I created:

Tonya Carlson said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been looking everywhere and had never even heard of making your own. Thanks for sharing. Greatly appreciated! I saw your finished costume and it looks amazing! Good job!

Kelly Cloutier said...
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