Pumpkin Curry and the Joys of Tofu

Here is a picture of my Yummy Pumpkin Curry all finished.

Doesn't it look SUPER YUMMY

All I did was bake a small pumpkin until tender and cut it into cubes, then I added a jar of 
"Patak's" Masala Sauce

a can of Coconut Milk

and some extra Lime Juice just because that's how I like it.

From there you can add cooked chicken, shrimp, or the kids and my personal favorite:

Pan fried extra firm Tofu

I actually cut up the tofu into small cubes and pan fry it when I get it and then keep it in the fridge to add to meals or for the kids to snack on, they love it, it's so easy.  The best part is that if you do this then instead of slimy, mushy, almost flavorless gunk you get really firm, almost cheesy, cubes that add a great texture and tons of healthy protein to any meal because frying it up cooks out the extra water.  For those of you who swear that you don't like tofu, you have to try it this way, it's the only way that I will eat it because I refuse to eat anything I don't like.

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