Roasted Potato Soup

This is one of my family's absolutely favorite soups.  It's super easy to make since I start off with leftovers from a previous breakfast.  I start by getting my big pot out and saute half a chopped onion and celery in a pan, celery optional, and then I add chicken/ veggie stock, milk, canned cheddar cheese soup, actual cheese and those hash brown cubes you get in the frozen section of your grocery store that I've already cooked up nice and brown for breakfast the day or two before along with just a little bit of bacon.  Now is the perfect time to throw in some veggies like broccoli or pureed veggies like cauliflower or yellow squash.  Heat up slowly until bubbling and it's done.  Top with bacon, a little more cheese and even a dollop of sour cream, as Rachel would say "Yummo".

A couple of tips:  If you've ever read the ingredients to Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese you've seen that the cheeses they use are cheddar, parmesan, and blue, I know that the blue may seem counterintuitive but it really adds to the "cheddaryness" of the soup or sauce your making, I also ALWAYS use sharp if not extra sharp cheddar because you can use a lot less cheese and that means you get all the flavor without all of the saturated fats and no gross fats and oils floating on top of your beautiful soup.

I don't know the calorie count but the run down is:

$3 Hash Browns for two meals
$3 Bacon for two meals
$3 Stock
$1.50 Milk
$1.70 Cheddar Cheese soup
$ .50 Onion for two meals
$3 Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan and Blue Cheese 
(you only need a little bit of the parmesan and even less of the blue)

Total= $15.70
Servings= about 8-10
which makes it:
$1.50 - $2 per serving

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