DD and Her Independent Spirit

You know that song "I Did it My Way"?  well, that song sums up my DD pretty well, she knows who she is and what she wants and she'll do it all by herself if you give her half a chance and she's not even two yet.  

This past Thursday she insisted on painting her own nails, well, about 3/4 since she's been right handed from six months old,
(all pictures are from my phone, sorry)

and then Friday, when she woke up she insisted on wearing one of her big brothers green t-shirts and tried to get him to change into another one so they could match and then proceeded to get one of my eyeshadow compacts and one of my eyeshadow brushes and brought them to me to see if I'd let her use it.  I did, with supervision.

I figure that since she's determined to do it all on her her own anyway I'm better off moderating her efforts than constantly running after her yelling "NO" and finding new ways to keep her out of everything.

(This is her improvising a stool when none were around and 
she wanted to play with the bubbles while I did dishes.)
It's a trash can.

I sure love my t-shirt and pearls kind of girl.

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Endy Daniel said...

Oh she looks sooo cute!!!