Freckles and Reflections

I love, love, LOVE that my DS has inherited my "sun freckles", that is, they only show up when we've been out in the sun a bit.  They are very light but they are so sweet to me.  DS is such a sweet clever little guy, he has an amazing ability to figure out a way to get what he wants, either by moving things to climb up, creating a tool that will do the job or "negotiating" with Daddy and me to get it for him.  Although it doesn't always turn out the way he want's it to, I really love his ingenuity, persistance and imagination.

Here's my sweet Little DD with her serious thinking face on, her personality fascinates me, she can be SO serious and so silly, she's the one most likely to run around with underwear on her head to make us laugh and yet she has these quiet moments when she just sits thinking for a minute.  She also ADORES her brother, she's the early riser and when he finally get up in the morning she runs up to him yelling his name and gives him a big hug.  (*sigh* heart melting) 

I feel like my life didn't really, fully begin until these precious babies came into my life, I had no idea how full my life and heart could be until they came in and burst it wide open.


Show Me Mama said...

oh,how sweet is that face! I am your new follower. You have a lovely blog. come visit when you can at

Kelly said...

I LOVE these. Close-up pics are my favourite, where you can see their expressions and their glow!