EPIC Frontier Airline Fail

I was shocked when I read this FB post and Frontier Airlines responses.

  • Very disappointed that my 17-year-old daughter was left sitting at the gate because your gate crew failed to call Zone 4 boarding. When she realized it was the end of the line and got up to get in it, she was denied access to the plane. She is now stuck three states away having missed her connecting flight.
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    • Frontier Airlines Hi Joanna, when the flight starts to board, we recommend all passengers to stand by the gate waiting for their time to board. All psgrs have until 15 mins prior to flight departure to board the aircraft. At that time the doors are shut and paperwork will be finalized. ^BG
    • Jonna Borough Wilson She was sitting at the gate waiting for Zone 4 to be called, as she was instructed to do by your staff.
    • Adele McIntosh Oh no!!!
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    • Frontier Airlines Please know this wording can all be all rows, all zones. It can depend but passengers still have additional time even after the flight has boarded as long as they are there 15 mins till. It is at that point the flight is closed. ^BG
    • Jonna Borough Wilson She is a minor traveling with a three-year-old minor. Frontier did not ensure the safety of my children!
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    • Adele McIntosh Frontier Airlines, step up and how about: "I'm so sorry this has happened, what can we do to help your 2 minor children? Are they OK, have they been re-accommodated and is there anything our ground staff can do to help at this point?" instead of telling us what your policies and procedures are!
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    • Lisa Wilson Ouch Frontier Airlines! If you are going to engage in social media, you might want to do it with a little judgement. How about starting with, "I am sorry this happened. We know travel can be confusing for young inexperienced travelers. How can we help get your children home?"
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    • Frontier Airlines Joanna, when/if a flight is missed, the agent would help with re-accommodation on a later flight. If they have not, please let us know and we will check into it. I will certainly fwd your comments to the station regarding your disappointment. ^BG
    • Jonna Borough Wilson My name is JONNA! See, even YOU are not paying attention to your customer.
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    • Jonna Borough Wilson And NO ONE at the Denver airport helped her! I got on the phone and held for 40 minutes to get the job done.
    • Frontier Airlines Jonna, I apologize for the typo and adding an A to your name. ^BG

There are a lot more comments but this gives you the general idea, at every turn Frontier Airlines spouts policy instead of using this as an opportunity to reach out and win potential customers over.

Here is how they handled her baggage:

Jonna Borough Wilson "Jonna, her bags will be held in our Baggage Service Office at her destination. They can be retrieved once she arrives. ^JR" No one seems to be in the baggage claim area to help us retrieve her bags. What now? Will they be delivered to our home?

And in response to a suggestion that they take 2 seconds to call out the names of anyone who has checked in but not boarded:

Frontier Airlines Miriam, Minors names are not called, they are escorted on before. Our unaccompanied minor ends at 15 unless a parent wishes to have them escorted. ^BZ

Not only did they handle it badly initially but they made her pay a fee to change her to the later flight which was then delayed for three hours and didn't offer any concessions, no food vouchers, nothing.  I am utterly APPALLED that Frontier Airlines doesn't train their personnel better than this and that policy is more important than customer relations.  

This is the kind of behavior that loses you a LOT of customers, I know that I won't go near them with a ten foot pole now and I'm going to make sure that others know to never use them either, thankfully in this world of technology and communication her FB post being shared by many and even my little post on my little blog can together be seen or shared with enough people to make a decent dent peoples awareness of how some companies treat their customers; as numbers instead of people.

This post was shared with permission from the original poster.  The daughter she refers to is her daughter in law.

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