Review Loreal BB Cream & SheSpeaks

I have the wonderful opportunity to tell you about Loreal's new BB Cream, BB cream is all the rage now, and for good reason, and Loreal's version doesn't disappoint.  It's a four in one cream that "Primes, Perfects, Hydrates, Corrects".  It does feel like you aren't wearing anything and looks really great, just know the the hydrates aspect is more over time than when you first apply and it has a matte finish so make sure that you moisturize about 1 minute before applying and that you exfoliate regularly.  This is not a concealer so although it does diminish imperfections it does not cover them up and most of the correcting claim has to do with the fact that it is considered to nourish your skin so that it gives you nicer skin overall after prolonged use.

All in all, I really do love this product and as someone who is not a fan of almost all foundations that is truly saying something.  It comes in formulas for youth through to aging & at $10.95 msrp fir a cream that does so much it's definitely worth the investment.  Visit Loreal's site to learn more about it.

I got this product free from SheSpeaks to review and share, SheSpeaks is a great program where you can learn about and try new products and then share them with the people you know.  If you are interested you can check it out on their website, don't forget to mention where you heard about them.  :-)

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Anonymous said...

I like using the melaleuca sei bella face cream. It is wonderful and works better than the loreal bb cream.