How to Play With Dynamic Color Combinations

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I have a basic rule of thumb that I follow whenever I'm putting together an outfit so that it's colorful but foolproof.
  • 1 True Neutral
  • 1 Practically Neutral
  • 1 Color that Pops
  • at least one of them has to be a warm and one a cool color
So like in my yellow and aqua polyvore post the neutral was gray, the almost neutral was aqua and the pop was yellow, in my blue and red outfit, the neutral was gray, the almost was blue and the pop was a red orange color sometimes called chinese red.

I have always worn a lot of cool colors and so my pop of color tends to be a warm, esp. since they "pop" so easily in any color palette but by toning down the worm colors you can have a bright turquoise, green, or any other really bright, saturated cool color be what pops.

Like here:
Which Yellow Do You Love?

Which Yellow Do You Love? by pvdela featuring tear drop earrings

This also shows how instead of putting together complementary colors going with a color that is just to one or the other side of it can be much more interesting, purple is complementary to yellow but pairing it with a red violet can really pop, as does indigo.  I also like pairing colors with another one that's 3 over on a 12 color color wheel, like the teal and turquoise, the same idea would be pairing  red and indigo like I have here:

red and indigo

You can see that I either go with a soft periwinkle and bold red or an almost nude pink with a deep indigo.  You could put most neutrals with any of these.

So what colors do you love but don't know how to make it really sing?  Or what color combinations are your favorites right now?

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