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I've decided that Fridays are going to be my "Feature Fridays" now instead of fashion because I follow over 200 blogs for one reason or another and I wanted you guys to see just how great some of these blogs really are.

Huppie Mama

I met Carrie about two years through my Etsy shop and I've loved following her blog ever since, she really focuses on her journey as a "huppie" mom, trying to keep things natural while enjoying the conveniences of modern life as well, basically a mom after my own heart.  Here is her definition of a Huppie Mama:  As a new mom, I've begun to explore a variety of eco-friendly, traditional baby products. Sometimes my sister calls me a 'hippie' because of the earth-friendly, back-to-basics nature of these products, and sometimes she calls me a 'yuppie' because of the level of research I do and the extra few dollars I'm willing to spend to buy something special for my family. So what does that make me? A well-educated, earth-friendly mama - a huppie!  -from March 2010 "Huppie Mamma"

I loved her post on "I Know if You Breastfed" because that's pretty much how most of us breastfeeding moms feel, like when my SIL gave my other SIL and me a hard time about the fact that our 11 month olds were still "so dependent" on us and how she could never have done it, she used to give the excuse that her babies were allergic to her milk but we all knew that she really just had no desire to breastfeed, and that's okay.

Her sister site "Busy Lil Hands" also has great posts on teaching our toddlers.

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