Green Soup For My SIL

My SIL got a Vitamix for Christmas and is supper excited to start making great healthy "raw" meals for her kids and this recipe is her request.

 I first started making this back when I was single with my roommate, I found a recipe and found it so delicious, fast and easy to make that it immediately became one of our favorites.  I'm showing it in my Vitamix but you can make it in a pot and use an immersion blender just as well. 

1- You'll need:  Chicken or veggie soup stock, 2-4 greens, garlic, pepper.  For the greens I used celery, a green butter lettuce and spinach but I've used collard greens, romaine, cabbage and iceberg, so use whatever you like.

If using a Vitamix heat up the stock before starting to speed things up then throw everything in the blender to taste and blend away til nice and smooth.  If you are using a pot and immersion blender then just throw everything  in the pot at once and heat up until the greens have wilted and it's steamy then blend.

For the garnish or topping you'll need sour cream, cilantro and garlic, I cheated and used pre-chopped cilantro in a tube and garlic powder because I forgot that I was out of fresh garlic and I love the tubed herbs for convenience.

If you use the powdered garlic this will taste much better if you make it ahead of time.

I know it doesn't look as pretty but I prefer lots of little dots of the sour cream rather than one big one in the middle because it's easier for me to eat it that way but either way you'll want a little bit of the sour cream mix with every spoonful of soup.

This makes a great meal with sandwiches and my kids love it, here are pictures of my two youngest, they practically drank theirs and I really did drink mine.


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Cassidy said...

Haha your kids look super happy to eat this! I can't wait to try it!!