My Handsome Hubby is 35 Today

This is my DH and I just before we got hitched, my hair hasn't been that short since.

We met in LV and only dated for 4 weeks before we got engaged and 6 more weeks until we were married, I never thought I'd get married in such a whirlwind fashion but when you find your soul mate fast isn't fast enough, from the moment I met him it was like finally coming home, I could be 100% myself even the parts of me I didn't know were there.  He still has that effect on me, when nothing else can bring me back to center he always can.

He drives me crazy sometimes but then I'm sure I drive him crazy at least as much and I wouldn't have it any other way.  He challenges me, makes me face things I don't always want to and will talk with me until sunrise if I need to.  He has more patience with my quirks then I thought was possible and he pitches in to help me out even when it's all my own mess and he's had a long hard day.

He may not be perfect but he's perfect for me and it's because of all his hard work and ambition that I get to be the SAHM that I always wanted to be.


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