Black Bean and Couscous Patties

I come up with all of my favorite recipes on the fly and this one was no different, it is my first attempt at blogging about one though.

Today for lunch I decided that I was in the mood to make something fun and filling so I perused the pantry and the black beans caught my eye first and I thought of making vegetarian patties with them but what else would go in...  Couscous to the rescue!!  I love this Moroccan pasta, it's fast easy and super versatile.  Here's a pic of it for those who have no clue what I'm talking about, which is probably about 90% of you.

I would show you a pic of each step but since the kids were hanging on me and I was hungry I'll just tell you what I did.

First put 1 1/4 C water (and one packet of chicken or beef flavor packet from a ramen noodles package) on to boil and open your can of beans, I always rinse mine.

Next your water should come to a boil really quickly so add 1 C Couscous to the water, stir, cover, and turn off the heat.  Let sit for 5 minutes.

Next in a food processor add:
the black beans
1/2 c chopped bell peppers ( I buy mine in bulk, dice and then freeze so that I always have plenty on hand.)
3 eggs
1/4 cup (ish) of bread crumbs


Now add the couscous to your puree mixture and shape into whatever size and shape patties you like, I just shape as I put them in the frying pan.

Cook at med heat for about 5 minutes each side in an oiled pan or until they are dark brown and crispy on each side.  Top with a warm Diced Cucumber and Tomato Salad and Lime juice.  YUMMY!!!!!

As you can see in the pictures I was out of cucumbers but it was still great all the same.

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