Baby Toys

Sorry about the crappy lighting, I took the photo late at night.

I love babies and I love making things for them, this block is one of my favorites to make because it's one of those toys that babies just love to rags.  It's supper simple just cut out six squares baste sew the ribbon tags around two of them and then sew and stuff.  I even know how to sew a hidden stitch so that no one can tell where you left an opening for the turn out and stuffing.  (I'll have to video it and post it later.)

I've also been sewing up a bunch of baby blankets but since they've been running out as fast as I can make them, I haven't gotten any pics yet, I promise to not let the next one fly out without at least one picture.  They are everyones favorite blanket, my 4 year old still uses his.


laura said...

So cute Andrea!

Cassidy said...

Jacob loves this!