Carmel Comfort & Torani

Remember this post on RICE PUDDING? 

Well I got a couple bottles of Torani, sugar-free Pumpkin Pie and this

so instead of adding cinnamon and sugar I added it and YUM-O, it was delish.  I also cooked it with vanilla soy milk instead of cow's milk, soy milk has about the same amount of protein and calcium but even with the added sugar it has much less sugar then plain milk and when I'm making a sweet treat I like to save the sugar anywhere it won't be noticed.  For anyone trying to cut out even more sugar the sugar-free pumpkin pie was amazing as well.

You can get 10% off HERE on all Torani products.

I got the bottles through SheSpeaks, a program where you can receive free products to review and share with friends, if you are interested in this program check out their website and don't forget to mention that you heard about it here.

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