Stuffed Toy Pattern Freebies

You may remember when I made this darling teddy bear for my DS a while back and then I made this elephant pattern and now I have made an option for the teddy to be a bunny and finished patterns to make a giraffe, lion, and a doll so if any of you would like the patterns let me know and I'll send them your way, your only payment is to send pictures of your creations.  I make mine out of fleece generally but you can make them out of any fabric you prefer.


Helen said...

I came across your elephant while searching for a template to make a toy for my cousin's soon-to-be-born baby - I love the style of yours! Please could I have the pattern to make one for him, and probably one for me too as I love elephants!

Andrea Graf said...

I sell them on my etsy site for only $3, the free offer is only for the other patterns and only if you send me pictures of your finished projects.

You can find my shop at