Nearly Neutral Colors That Will Look GREAT on Everybody

Don't you get sick of wearing mostly Black, Brown, Beige, etc.  I certainly do and there are plenty of colors out there that look great on every skin tone and are "almost" neutral because they go with almost every other color out there so they are also easy to accessorize.

I love all of these colors but my very favorite right now would be:


Getty Images blog has a great post about this color from January 2009 and Real Simple had an article about it and the other colors and it looks great with pinks and red like you can see here with My Corner of the WWW.

Greens, purples, browns, golds; notice a theme here, it looks great with practically every color out there, especially very saturated or very soft shades.  I just LOVE it.

The next color I'm loving right now that looks great on everyone is also Pantones "Color of the Year" for 2011 they are calling it Honeysuckle but I would call it:


Isn't it just lovely? You can buy those stunning bangles here.  It's great for makeup, clothes, home decor, it's bright and springy, and really perks up everything around it.

It looks Tropical with blues, bright and citrusy with yellows and greens, you can't help but like a color that is so perky and energizing.


is another color that looks great with everything,   

I even used it with green for my wedding.

Here it is with orange, 

of course yellows are gorgeous and I love it with another color in the Real Simple list, Blush.

Nature has it's own neutral and I love it as well

 Any green that is bright and saturated like a nice green leaf will go with pretty much anything but emerald and hunter green are probably the most universally flattering.  Can you think of a color that green doesn't look great with?  I sure can't.

Last but not least I do really love a beautiful deep saturated BLUE

 I could have thrown this in with Teal but it's not really the same.

I also agree with Real Simple about Red and Blush or Mellow Rose but I figure that I don't really need to add them here since they did a great job of it already.

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