A Great Read

I had only heard of this Grimm's fairy tale once before a long time ago
and then recently my mom recommended this book to me.  It was so beautifully written that I was captivated instantly by the artistry of it.  There are very few writers anymore who understand that writing is truly an art and that the very shaping of the words can be as beautiful as any painting but here is one woman who not only understands it but is willing to go through over a dozen full rewrites in pursuit of just that and in my opinion she succeeded.

This next book is basically a sequel but focuses on a different character "Enna".  Also beautifully written I highly recommend it as well, in fact in some ways I liked it better but you'd be a little lost on a few things if you don't read "Goose Girl" first.

I know I haven't given a lot of information to go on but trust me, you'll love them.

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